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Every road tells a story

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This is the story of a meeting. It was made of persons and visions, minds and hearts, footsteps and memories. It left inside us some little things, too close to forget.
I’d like to keep a track.

Chapter One

Far along the roads of Vilnius

Vilnius looks like a tale, told by no one, listened by everyone

flickering reflections hidden into our memories,

Vilnius appears and vanishes like an invented tale, told forever and ever,

Vilnius finds itself and gets lost like a faded tale, told somewhere and nowhere.

A timeless tale, existing for your eyes only

Suspended in the backlighting of our nightlong thoughts

Dream story - Doppio sogno

Along the roads of Vilnius you can find tracks of non-existent times

Behind the roads of Vilnius you can find tracks of ever-existent colours

Inside the roads of Vilnius you can find tracks of almost grown out hopes

may be shadows

Guatan Tavara is a long tale.
It tells about a road that goes through some towns that go through some spaces that span time.
If you wish to follow this path, let yourself be led , do not wonder where you will get…and if you get lost , let yourself go , in the end you will find yourself .
Maybe in a different place and in a different time. Just as you were following Guatan Tavara.

Guatan Tavara is the road that leads you somewhere else. It begins where time ends and it ends where time begins. It is the road that goes nowhere and everywhere in the world. It might be anywhere and it might have been there since ages. Along Guatan Tavara you can meet characters who have never existed and you can also meet yourself. It goes through invented and unavoidable towns. Towns that are impossible and rooted in time.